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"THE BIGGEST THING I APPRECIATE... is the history of gold coins and reprinting the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights to remind me of what my freedoms are all about." -Kurt B., Clearfield, UT

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The cover design was inspired by the Lewis & Clark Expedition (1804-1805) who were among the brave trailblazers of American history. The coins pictured are the obverse and reverse of the Lewis & Clark $1 Gold Commemoratives minted in 1904 & 1905 to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the expedition. These golden gems were the highest performing gold coins in 1999-2000, and offer all investors a peek at the first gold rush of the new millennium.

Executive editor and cover design: David Bradshaw
Contributing writers: Earl Brown, Dr. Fred Goldstein
Copy editor: Beth Cullum
Illustrations: Cliff Vaughn

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Copyright 2001, My Idea Factory
Published by Idea Factory Press, 1540 W. Flower Circle, Phoenix, AZ 85015. Email address:

First Edition: July 2001


First I would like to acknowledge my pastor Tommy Barnett for his encouragement to write a book and his constant support and guidance to always do the right thing. He is my hero and mentor - without him I'm not sure I would be alive today. Thanks also to my trusted associate and friend, Steven Carnow and the entire management team at Swiss America for their faithfulness over these past 20 years. I'm eternally grateful for the love and strength of my wife Melissa who has always stood by my side during the difficult times encouraging me, regardless of how dark the storms looked. I dedicate this book to my daughters, Holly and Katie, who are my legacy. You have been wonderful children and a great blessing in our lives. Special thanks to David Bradshaw of My Idea Factory, who has helped me to communicate my heart and mind over the last two decades. Above all, this book is a labor of conscience, and for that I am thankful to God.
- Craig R. Smith

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